Airbus 320 flight simulation Thailand


Land an Airbus!

Airbus 320 flight simulator

Airbus 320 simulator

Full size cockpit, Seats pilot, co pilot, instuctor, 2 observers

All controls and instruments fully functional

Program for airport, time, weather

Prices start at 995 baht

Families welcome


Choose between

Hong Kong approach/ landing 995 baht

Take off and land 30 minutes 2995 baht

Flight practice 4995 baht per hour

Flight management computer programming 3995 per hour




Contact and map.

We are located in Khlong Wan, Prachuapkhirikhan, Thailand 11.45°47"N, 99°46'06"E

Phone: +66 877 221100 (WhatsApp ready)

Skype: narbonneair